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Comp-U-Dopt and human-I-T


As we head into the fall, our school districts across the country are struggling with how to support a combination of in-classroom and virtual learning.   One major stumbling block is a dire shortage of laptops and tablets for kids, and it’s especially acute in underserved communities.  

SIM has a tremendous track record of Giveback and we have a great opportunity for our chapters to engage and make an impact.  We are working with two non-profits to collect and refurbish laptops and computer equipment and get into the hands of kids before the school year begins.  


Comp-U-Dopt has been providing technology access and education since 2007 by reconditioning gently used corporate computers and distributing them to youth without access to a computer at home.  They also deliver hands-on project-based technology training programs aligned with the workforce. To date, they have delivered over 100,000 hours of technology education, distributed over 23,000 computers to youth and families in need. In response to the COVID19 pandemic, they’ve increased hardware distribution to help kids keep learning.  In just three months, they are on track to distribute 11,000+ computers nationally.

About 10 million children across the US lack access to a computer at home. 8,000 families in DC specifically are still in need.  Nationally, Comp-u-dopt has had over 60,000 households register for devices. Of those registered, more than 80% are living in families of 3+ with household incomes of $35,000/yr. or less.

How SIM Chapters can help: 

  • Make a gift- just $200 serves another family.  
  • Bring a Drive-Thru to your city!  Comp-u-dopt has dropoff sites in Houston, Dallas Ft Work, Washington DC, and Chicago but are setting up “pop-up” sites around the country.  
  • Jumpstart partnerships start at $50,000. 
  • Contact them about donating your corporate computers. *

Contact:  Megan Steckly, CEO, for more information 


Two looming problems exist in the digital age. 82 million Americans lack access to a computer with the Internet in their home, primarily because of cost. That’s the entire population of Germany. At the same time, 150,000 computers are disposed of every day in the U.S. human-I-T is a nonprofit organization that brings together these two problems to create one solution. We take in unwanted technology, fix it, and provide it to those in need, free-of-charge.

human-I-T provides low-income individuals and nonprofits with technology, internet, and digital training. By reusing instead of recycling electronics, our team transforms E-Waste into opportunities for underserved communities, while promoting digital inclusion and online access. We work with corporations, government entities, nonprofits, and the general public to achieve this goal.

Both individuals and companies can donate computer equipment which is then wiped clean and reused. Refer to their website to donate!